Aveline Gram

The 3rd Mastercourse I did this summer, took place from the 11th until the 22nd of August 2011.
This was the first mastercourse I did in the mountains, the Alps on the border between France and Switzerland.
The weather was beautiful and even very hot for this altitude (1850m!).

My piano teacher was Pascal Devoyon, teacher at the University of Music in Berlin.
He was great! I had 4 lessons with him and 2 lessons with his wife,  Rikako Murata.
She was also very good and a perfect combination with her husband.
Maybe an idea for me to continue my studies in Berlin….?

Next to the piano lessons, there were a lot of very interesting concerts given by the music professors of the mastercourse.

Once again, I was chosen to play at the final concert. I played the 1st ballade of Chopin.
On the last day, I went walking in the mountains (3000m altitude!) during almost 6 hours, it was amazing!

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